Young women in Japan, especially in the last decade,

Secondhand Designer Goods in Japan

Today I going to talk about a subject close to my heart and my wallet secondhand designer brand goods in Japan.

Japan has got to be the craziest consumer market in the world. These people will happily spend thousands of dollars on a new Louis Vuitton bag, and live in a 25sqm flat so they can afford plenty more designer goods. In short, image and what you carry around on your shoulder is much more important than where you live.

Anyway, this state of being has its benefits when you are a foreigner coming for a visit, especially if you happen to like designer goods. As I always say, my husband is a big designer brand whore, but over the past 6 years, has begun sucking me into the frenzy. Look at enough Louis Vuitton and Hermes and Chanel, and you will start liking and wanting some of it. It inevitable.

So over the years replica louis vuitton bags , we have sought out and scoped out dozens of what we have endearingly termed Job Shops Perhaps the term is a little mean, but may be somewhat accurate. Young women in Japan, especially in the last decade, aren averse to finding themselves a sugar daddy, married or otherwise, to support their handbag habits. From the way things look, part of the deal is look after you, you look after me. On the boy side, the after is done via nice, expensive, designer gifts on a regular basis. I sure, judging by my naming of the shops above, I don have to delve any further into how the girls look after the men in return. Or our perception of what going on anyway it may not be the case, it just seems that way.

Unfortunately, so it seems, these men don have very much knowledge nor good taste in the designer goods they buy, because at least 50% of the goods in these shops are brand new: In other words, a girl gets a new Louis Vuitton Monogram handbag (by far the most popular gift), and immediately hocks it at the local secondhand shop for something that she likes better. For this reason, you will find merchandise at these shops, as well as stuff that was used for awhile but replica designer handbags well looked after with a high quality designer replica handbags view to someday selling or trading it for new merchandise.

But it not only handbags. You can find wallets, jewelry, watches, fake designer bags scarves, hats, clothes. Just about anything that is replica louis vuitton made by a designer brand can be found somewhere for some price.

Over the years that we have been coming to Japan, the secondhand goods stores have become more prominent, bigger, with more stock, and have also become more methodical about their setup and buying and selling procedures. Like most businesses in Japan, they also offer points cards, so that you can get and use points for your purchases, based on your loyalty and frequency/amount of purchases.

It used to be small, independent shops, but now, there are some big chains running this business, and I thought I mention those here for Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica all you Gaijin out there, because it pretty hard to find info in English on these shops and their whereabouts and procedures.

Komehyo is the largest of the secondhand designer goods shops in Japan. It started in Nagoya where their cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk head office resides, plus a large high quality designer replica handbags wholesale shop, and even a used kimono shop. We haven yet been to this outlet, but are planning on going to Nagoya next year during our visit, this being one of the purposes for stopping there!

But that not all, the next day I was back, because I had noticed they were putting out more bags on a regular basis, so figured it was worth checking back. I found a cute little Bally Darel Acai handbag for a mere high quality replica handbags china AU$200. Had to have. Yay! Both bags were found in the bargain bins at the replica louis vuitton bags Ginza Store. We did check out the Shinjuku store as well, but the prices weren quite as good, and the sale a bit more structured, with a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 system, where 1 = 10,000 yen, 2 = 20,000 yen, etc., instead of straight markdowns per bag.

This is the first year we had seen a designer bin blowout sale, but if you in Japan on a holiday period when sales are on louis vuitton copy bags uk , it certainly worth checking to see if they doing it again!

Komehyo has procedural instructions on their website (these can be very amusing when translated from Japanese) on how to sell your used goods, which was very educational, despite having to translate from Japanese. It might not give the full picture, but gives a good idea of how this stuff works.

For certain goods, they require the original guarantee. This is especially true for watches and jewelry, for obvious reasons.

Other merchandise may or may not require original documentation, although I suspect the more proof you have of authenticity, the more likely you are to get a higher price for your goods when selling, as they can sell higher to buyers.

In addition to having designated outlets that you can bring your goods to, to sell, it is also possible to use the Japanese Takkyubin (takuhaibin luggage forwarding service) to send your goods to them for inspection and, if you agree on a price, purchase. If they don purchase for whatever reason, they will send your goods back to you free of charge.

From the identification documents required when selling goods, it does not look as though Komehyo will buy from foreigners, at this stage, although they happy to sell to foreigners. I suspect other companies aren quite as protective, and we may try selling some goods next year, just to see how it works and what kind of price we can get.

The seemingly second largest secondhand goods chain is called Daikokuya. This name is amusing, since Daikoku is a shinto god who represents prosperity and wealth in business.

When I say this is the second largest secondhand goods chain, I may be a little incorrect. This company seems to have many more store locations throughout Japan, but each location is smaller with fewer choices. Having said that, you may be able to find some real gems if you look at enough of their shops.

Daikokuya shops are easy to spot because they always have large, bright orange signs out the front. Some of the Daikokuya shops we went to were in Shinsaibashi in Osaka, and Shinjuku, Ginza, and Harajuku in Tokyo.

Louis Vuitton Cashmere Zipper Scarf

At the Shinsaibashi Daikokuya this year, we found two winter scarves: An orange 100% cashmere Hermes scarf, and a Louis Vuitton heavy knitted cashmere scarf with a zipper pocket in one end.

I talked Peter out of buying the orange scarf, as it was a bit pale, and not really the Hermes orange color. Since he already had purchased the same scarf in black last year, it seemed a bit pointless and redundant.

To my shock, he didn really want the Louis Vuitton zipper scarf, so I decided to get it for myself. It was $300, and in perfect condition. It retails for over $1000. Another had to have. In the end, I was glad I bought it, as it was the perfect accompaniment to my winter ensemble, and kept me warm in the cool winter breezes blowing through Tokyo.

Daikokuya shops are always fun to search around in, because you find them suddenly replica louis vuitton bags from china in whatever suburb you are in they are handy, and sometimes have little hidden treasures inside. Always a good discovery.

Ginzo was another secondhand chain we ran across, with many outlets in Shinjuku. I don know if they are located anywhere else, or if they are exclusive to a few shops in Shinjuku, and they don seem to have their own website, that I can locate anyway!

Ginzo seems similar in concept, pricing and layout to Daikokuya. We also haven made any purchases yet at Ginzo.

Kind is a little secondhand store we ran across a year ago, when we were walking down Meiji jingu Mae in Harajuku.

Kind is a slightly different concept in secondhand goods, as it is geared towards the younger, punk crowd. It has more clothing choices , and fewer accessories, however I found a Vivienne Westwood charm bracelet for only AU$50 and some Samantha Vega heart earrings for about AU$60.

But the best purchase of the year that replica louis vuitton handbags year was by Pete, when he found an Hermes black cashmere winter scarf for only AU$220 (and this was when the Aussie $ was pretty crap against the yen)! It was in perfect condition too. What a steal.

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